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Golf Tournament Themes Made Easy


If you need ideas for a golf tournament theme, there are a few things that should be considered. First think about the audience and ask yourself a few starter questions. For example:

• Who will be attending the golfing event?
• What is the purpose of the golf tournament?
• What time of year will the event be held?
• How many people are expected to participate in the event?

Golf tournaments are more fun when there is a theme involved. The goal in choosing a golf tournament theme is to target people’s love and interest of golf. Try to determine how your theme can creatively fit within the game of golf. A good strategy for coming up with a golf tournament theme is to use a play on words and golf terms. What ever your decided strategy, the most important thing in coming up with a golf tournament theme is to be creative.

Usually, people receive gifts or rewards that represent the golf tournament theme. So it is really essential to select a theme that fits the occasion. To help you get started, here are a few examples of golf tournament themes and strategies to use when highlighting the theme throughout the event.

• “Tee Time”, for example is a general golf theme, where gifts and awards can include watches, and other golf items with clocks.

• “Tea Time” is a theme that can be used for a junior girls, ladies or seniors female golf tournament. Ladies would enjoy being served refreshing cups of tea, especially if the tournament is during the fall or winter.

• “Diamonds in the Rough” is a theme that can be used for an amateur golf tournament. The theme can be used to encourage participants to find their inner golfing expert. People enjoy feeling like they can be successful at new things.

• “Golfing Guardian Angels”, is an example of a theme that could be used for a charity golf tournament. The participants could wear wings during the tournament and if teams could be formed to represent the various charities receiving contributions.

• “Las Vegas” is a fun theme that can get the players and participants in a party mood. Gifts and awards can include items such as lottery scratch off tickets or even grand prize trips to the Las Vegas strip!

These are just a few examples of how to select and incorporate your golf tournament themes. Whether the event is for a charity, fundraiser or just a fun event for members of your organization, you can come up with an exciting theme to get participants excited and more involved. Remember, the key is to be creative.

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