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Because golf is an expensive sport and a more expensive pastime, you may feel that you should try to enjoy the game on your own rather than pay for golf instruction, regardless of how good or bad you are at it. However, millions of people worldwide who partake in play on the fairways every year opt to hire some sort of instructor or take part in group golf instruction, leaving you at a disadvantage if you don’t join in. You have finally decided that you have to do something to keep up with the crowd, but where can you find inexpensive golf instruction?

There are plenty of places to look before you hire an expensive professional. As a beginner, you probably play the same course regularly, trying to get a feel for it. Get friendly with some other regulars there, and ask them for some advice. While most would not launch into a golf instruction session, they are quite likely to spend a few minutes offering tips and showing you some things that will help you improve along the way. Others may offer you a lesson or two or may even have the name of an instructor who doesn’t cost a fortune. If you do not like asking for help, move up – start off at the forward tees, and more regulars will assume you are a novice. As with most sports, there are plenty of people who believe they are experts on certain aspects of the game and would be quite anxious to share their knowledge with someone new.

Another way to get around expensive golf instruction is to become a member of the course club. Sometimes, just by becoming a member and paying the dues, you can receive other perks, like a free golf cart rental each month or free or discounted golf lessons every so often. You may also want to look into events at public golf courses. Sometimes, on an afternoon that is typically not busy, they may offer an inexpensive golf instruction lesson for anyone who wishes to attend.

Also remember that you probably got into the sport through a friend, coworker, significant other, or family member. Since this individual probably knows more about golfing than you do, and they are the reason you have already spent so much money to get into the sport, you should feel perfectly comfortable asking for a little golf instruction from them to make the game more interesting and competitive for you.

If all else fails, go to the source where you can find just about anything for free – the Internet. Here, you will find numerous tips, tricks, diagrams, and even golf instruction videos to assist you. Whatever method you choose, be sure that you are benefiting from it; otherwise, what good is free?!

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