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Left Handed Golf Instruction - Finding The Best Sources


Unfortunately, the world is geared toward right-handed people, as the majority of people tend to be right handed. This means that, under many circumstances, special provisions are made for left-handed people. That is true for most sports (think about baseball) and especially for golf. In fact, if can be very difficult to find a source for left handed golf instruction. How can you benefit from instruction when you can’t even work with someone who has the same dexterity as you? You can’t possibly follow a coach who is showing you how to do everything right-handed, can you? What can you do to work out this situation? Is there left handed golf instruction available?

One thing to do is to inquire at your local golf course if there are any instructors who are left handed and can gear their lessons toward left handed golf instruction. Often, golf clubs will have information on those instructors who specialize in left-handed students. Aside from everything being in reverse, it is quite common for left-handed golfers to experience several other handicaps that do not affect others who are right-handed.

For example, the angle of a course is generally laid out from the point of view of someone right-handed. Therefore, the typical slice or angle that you put on the ball as a left-handed golfer could easily knock you out of bounds or into the rough without the proper correction. Left-handed golf instruction can help to correct these issues, teaching you how to maintain a stance and a swing that will allow you to follow the course with your ball as easily as a right-handed swinger.

If you cannot find a local source of left handed golf instruction, you may want to do a search on the Internet; you may find a name of an instructor nearby who can help you. If not, you can certainly find instructional videos online that will help you improve your golfing ability so that you do not have so many of the inherent disadvantages caused simply because you are left-handed.

Make your life easier. While it’s unfair that the world gears everything toward right-handed individuals, it is still a fact of life that you must deal with. Instead of living with the handicap that this presents, especially in a hobby like golf where you are paying a lot of money for your entertainment, do something about it. Find a source of left handed golf instruction to help alleviate the disadvantages presented to you on the golf course, and become perhaps a better golfer than all of your right-handed friends.

Christine P Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of golf lessons. Her website Ultimate Golf Guide provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about florida golf school. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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