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Miniature golf rules - Review some before your next outing.


Miniature golf, also known as mini-golf or putt putt, is a fun putting game that is great for a family outing, birthday party, or date. Miniature golf rules are simple, allowing anyone to enjoy the game. You may also be interested in learning miniature golf rules if you are looking to get a competitive miniature golf game going with your friends.

Miniature golf rules can be learned by kids of all ages. Most miniature golf courses will have their own miniature golf rules that they will detail for you on the scorecard. But here are some quick and simple miniature golf rules that will apply to most courses.

• The goal is to get your golf ball into the hole in the least number of strokes possible. The winner of the game will be the player that completes the course closest to par, or in the fewest strokes of the group.
• Miniature golf is usually a playful and fun outing, but one of the polite miniature golf rules is to not be so loud that you are disturbing other groups.
• Another of the miniature golf rules that have to do with etiquette is to let the person who scored the lowest on the previous hole to tee off first.
• You have two choices when it comes to how to play each hole, and you can pick which version works the best for your group. Each player in your group can hit and complete the hole, then move off to let the next player have their chance at the hole. Or, each player can tee off one after another, and the group can complete the hole together. If you are playing this way, the person who hits each approach shot first should be the player that is farthest from the hole.
• Gloating or bragging, unless you are teasing in good fun, is not encouraged while playing.
• Be careful not to swing your putter around where you may hit or injure a bystander. Carry your putter at your side, and it is never necessary to take a full swing with the putter while playing miniature golf.

Miniature golf is composed of eighteen holes of putting. Learning some miniature golf rules for putting will help you become a better miniature golfer.

• Choose a putter that is the right length for you. You do not want to be reaching down for the putter. Look for a putter that lets your arms hang naturally once you have bent slightly over into a putting stance.
• To putt, place the golf ball in the center of your stance. Make sure the the putter club head is square with the ball. Bring the putter straight back and follow through on the same path. You will want to keep the same club head speed for the whole stroke.

Christine Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of golf rules. Her website Ultimate Golf Guide provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about basi rules of golf. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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