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Learn disc golf rules before you set out for the course


Disc golf, also known as frisbee golf, has its own set of rules that are similar to traditional golf but altered slightly so that the game can be played with frisbees or discs. Disc golf is a sport that has become more popular recently, and you can find public disc golf courses that welcome free play in many cities. If you are a newcomer to the game, you may be wondering what the basic disc golf rules are. If you know how to play traditional club golf, you will have no problem picking up disc golf rules. Even if you have no prior experience with golf, the concept of disc golf is simple and you should have no trouble getting started. Becoming familiar with a few of the most important disc golf rules will be enough to get your ready for your first round of disc golf.

Disc golf, just like traditional golf, involves an eighteen hole course with tee boxes and holes. The end of the hole will have a basket designed to catch your disc, and you want to reach this basket in the fewest number of strokes, or throws of the disc, as possible. Most holes are par threes, and you can score aces, birdies, bogies, and so on just as in traditional golf. Players can use one disc, or may have a variety of specialized discs for drives, mid-range shots, and putts. Different techniques of throwing can be used for different shots. It is normal to use a throw with a running start for your drive, and the tee box will have an area for you to do this.

One of the unspoken disc golf rules is to leave no trace behind. This means to leave the disc golf course exactly as you found it. Be sure not to leave behind any trash or to harm the course in any way. Courtesy, manners, and course etiquette are a part of disc golf rules just as with traditional golf. Following are some more simple disc golf rules that will prepare you for your time out on the course.

• Before throwing your disc, make sure that that hole is clear of other players.
• The player who had the lowest score on the previous hole has the option of throwing first on the next hole.
• If your group is playing slow and holding up other players, let them play through.
• For each shot after your tee shot, pick up your disc and take your stance behind where the disc landed.
• Start on the hole that is designated as the first hole, and complete your round of disc golf in the proper order.

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