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Simple golf rules to learn and enjoy the game


To successfully enjoy the game of golf, you need to learn a few of the basic golf rules before you set out for the course. Whether you are brand new to the sport, or you have been playing for awhile, it is a good idea to brush up on golf rules. You and your playing partners will be able to better enjoy your round of golf if you have an understanding of the important golf rules, including those that relate to golf etiquette.

Check out these simple golf rules that are good tips for beginner golfers:

• To keep your score on the scorecard, enter the number of strokes it took you to complete the hole. You should do this after every hole in order to keep an accurate track of your score.
• The maximum number of clubs that you can carry in your golf bag is fourteen. It is a stroke penalty if you are found to have more than fourteen golf clubs in your bag.
• On the tee box, you must tee up your ball between the two tee markers.
• Check to see if the golf course you are playing has a dress code. Some golf courses will require players to wear a collared shirt.
• Never touch your ball while it is in play, unless you are on the putting green and you have marked your ball with a marker, or you have hit into a hazard and have to remove your ball.

Golf is known as the gentleman's game, and it is important to follow some etiquette basics to ensure that your golf game goes smoothly. Following are a few golf rules relating to golf etiquette and polite golf play that you should keep in mind before stepping onto the course:

• When on the putting green, the player whose ball is farthest away from the hole will putt first. This also applies to approach shots from the fairway – the player that is farthest back from the hole will hit first.
• Be prepared to play your shot when it is your turn. While you are waiting on other players before you can hit your ball, you can get ready for your shot. This ensures that your golf group will avoid slow play. Pick out the club you want to use, line up your shot, or take some practice swings. Just be sure not to distract other players with movements or sounds.
• The player that hits first on each hole is referred to as the player that has honors. This is who had the lowest score on the previous hole.

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