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Build Your Own Miniature Golf Course and Make a Big Bucks


When you think about family fun that has lasted through the changes in culture over time, miniature golf is one of the few forms that endures. For this reason, it may seem guaranteed that deciding to build your own miniature golf course would be a cash cow. To a point, this is definitely true, since there are few ways that a family can spend quality time together in an active manner. It is a social activity that can bring children and parents together in a non-confrontational setting so that they can talk together while relaxing and having fun, as well as get a little exercise rather than sitting around, watching television.

In order to build your own miniature golf course, you will need startup funding. Aside from needing cash to build the course, there is little else required, with the exception of a design. How much does it cost to build your own miniature golf course? Typical startup cost can range between $150,000 and $250,000, depending on how decorative and detailed it is and the exact location in which you intend to build. However, there are no real barriers to getting into the business, and you are fairly guaranteed business that will help you recover your investment costs quickly.

The design of your course is up to you. You can have a single 18-hole course, or you can have three or more courses from which to choose. Keep in mind that the startup cost listed above is for a single course in most cases. One advantage of deciding to build your own miniature golf course as opposed to some other business ventures is that very little land is required. Most putt-putt courses are built on pieces of land no larger than an acre and often less than that.

Miniature golf is a permanent draw for families for several reasons. Having outlasted almost any other form of family entertainment, mini golf is less expensive than taking the family to the movies (the average cost of a round is about $6, depending again upon the area in which you live). In fact, it is one of the cheapest forms of family entertainment available overall. Also, because it allows you to socialize, it is seen as a bonding experience by many. Obviously, you can build your own miniature golf course and expect that your business will never go out of style or lose value in any way.

Unless you choose to supplement your golf course with other forms of entertainment (think video games or go-carts), you will have little overhead. The only expense you will incur on a consistent basis is the maintenance required; if you have moving parts in your mini golf course, the mechanics need to be constantly monitored and repaired, and you’ll want to be sure that the area is clean and all greens are kept in order.

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