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Nike Golf Ball - Going The Distance


Very few golf balls today have the hype or attention that a Nike golf ball garners. Nike a world-renowned name in sports apparel and equipment offers golfers the same quality and value in their fine line of golf balls as all their other sports equipment. With pros such as Tiger Woods and Michele Wie using Nike golf balls, you can be sure that this is a product that gets results. There are many different balls in the Nike lineup, all catering to a specific playing style or need on the course. From power distance super soft balls, to the infamous Nike Mojo there is a ball for all handicaps and playing styles.
The Nike Golf Ball Is Made For Special Needs At Hand
There are many golfers with different shots, and for that matter different needs on the course. For this reason a Nike golf ball, comes in many different flavors. There is actually a well-rounded list of candidates that could easily show results on your scorecard, some of which include:

• Ti-Velocity
• Hi-Launch
• Feel-Speed
• Power Distance
• Mojo

With a lineup such as this, it is truly a wonder why there are not more pros on the tour these days, as the Nike golf ball has solidified its position on the fairway as a premier piece of equipment.
Where To Find The Nike Golf Ball
There are many places where you can find the appropriate Nike golf ball for your specific playing style. There are many places online that can assist you in your search for the right ball for you. There are also countless golf shops that carry Nike in the flavor of your choice. Whatever route you choose to follow to find the right ball, you can be sure that you will be buying quality.
The Nike Golf Ball And Its Features
What sets the Nike ball apart from its counterparts are some of the researched and innovative features. Some of these features include:
• Dimple pattern designed to create low-drag turbulence for a boring effect through wind
• The "Super Soft" gets its name from its lower compression and softened Surlyn cover
• Core includes "maximum" cobalt, which Nike Golf says leads to a quick-spin response off of clubface

With all of the new innovations that come with the Nike golf ball, is it any wonder why more and more people are choosing to look into the Nike line? Spending the time to do the research will yield much in the way of benefit to your total game from tee to cup. Take a look today at the fine line the it in stores now in regards to the Nike ball, and see for yourself why the pros are making a splash on the tour.

Christine P Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of golf balls. Her website Ultimate Golf Guide provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about used golf balls. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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